[novelty] lipstick indicator & Lipstick Theory

lipstick indicator
An indicator based on the theory that a consumer turns to less-expensive indulgences, such as lipstick, when she (or he) feels less than confident about the future. Therefore, lipstick sales tend to increase during times of economic uncertainty or a recession.

Lipstick Theory

This theory is also applied in medical industry.
"The Lipstick Theory: When a woman who is battling cancer starts to put on lipstick, she is on the road to recovery."
- William Cahan, M.D., Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


Is Ajax gonna kill the web frameworks?

The Java eco system has zillions of web frameworks from JSF, Tapestry, Struts, WebWork, Spring WebFlow to things like JSP/JSTL/Velocity etc. There's probably a new web framework born every day in Java some place.

However if the world really does go Ajax or some kinda client technology very Ajax like - will that cause these traditional HTML/HTTP web frameworks to become legacy?

Web frameworks spend most of their time doing things like, dealing with HTTP and HTML, maintaining client side state on the server - handing intermediate form submissions & validation, templating/rendering issues and binding business objects to HTML form controls etc.

These days Ajax has template engines, XPath/XSLT engines, SOAP stacks, XForms implementations and so forth all done on the client side. You can do clever things like hide the JavaScript from your HTML page and use CSS to bind the JavaScript to the markup.

There's even a JavaScript version of Ruby on Rails that runs in the browser! :)

So is the web application of the future going to be static HTML & JavaScript, served up by Apache with Ajax interacting with a bunch of XML based web services (maybe using SOAP, maybe just REST etc)? If so, do we really need a web framework thats focussed on HTTP and HTML, or are we just gonna end up developing a bunch of XML based web services and letting Ajax do all the templating, editing and viewing?

Is this the end of web frameworks as we know it?



[Info] Linux 常用指令

rm -rf

tar xvf project.tar -C

ps -ef

init 6

tail -f

tar -zxvf jrockit-70sp5-j2se131-linux32.tar.gz

[Troubleshooting] java.lang.SecurityException: Unable to locate a login configuration

RedHet Enterprise Linux 2.1
WLS 6.1
Service Pack 7
JRocket 1.4

As I would like to startup weblogic, it will show this kind of error message
java.lang.SecurityException: Unable to locate a login configuration
at com.ibm.security.auth.login.ConfigFile.getAppConfigurationEntry(ConfigFile.java:221)
at javax.security.auth.login.LoginContext.init(LoginContext.java:171)
at javax.security.auth.login.LoginContext.(LoginContext.java:318)
at weblogic.security.internal.ServerAuthenticate.main(ServerAuthenticate.java:81)
at weblogic.t3.srvr.T3Srvr.run(T3Srvr.java:200)
at weblogic.Server.main(Server.java:35)

You can check this file http://www.genuitec.com/products/JDK14_WLS61.pdf
Owing to the certified JDK version in WLS 6.1 is 1.3, the JDK version is 1.4


[Info] Java Performance Tuning


[Info] WebLogic Server End-of-Life Calendar

You can check this link to ensure your product's status:
WebLogic Server End-of-Life Calendar

If it was retired, BEA do not provide technical support any more.

[Info] Hardware Capacity Management How-To

When you examine performance, a number of factors influence how much capacity a given hardware configuration will need in order to support WebLogic Server and a given application. The hardware capacity required to support your application depends on the specifics of the application and configuration. You should consider how each factor applies to your configuration and application.

Before continuing with this section, you may want to review the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation which provides a set of standardized benchmarks and metrics for evaluating computer system performance.


[Troubleshooting] Apache HTTP Server cannot start


此時你可以執行Test Configuration來看錯誤訊息
開始→程式集→Apache HTTP Server→Configure Apache Server→Test Configuration


[Info] Comparing Web Frameworks Struts, Spring MVC, WebWork, Tapestry & JSF

File Type:PDF
Comparing Web Frameworks Struts, Spring MVC, WebWork, Tapestry & JSF

[Info] Two Approaches to Open New Window

按icon與用File/New/Window的動作不一樣, 按Icon的話, 是起一個新的session, 後者的話, 是share同一個session
這裡有一個link: from JavaWorld
除此之外, 用icon, 與用File/New/Window, 後者可能會有一些問題, 可參考此link:experts-exchange